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Will Writing Services

We have partnered with a well-known expert in Will Writing to provide you with the best Will writing Epsom service at the best price.

Why have a Will?

The fundamental purpose of creating a Will is a thoughtful and responsible way to spare your family the emotional and financial burden of organising your Estate at the the time they can least cope.

  • Make sure your assets pass to your loved ones
  • Minimise your tax burden
  • Designate guardians for minor children
  • Keep your family wealth within your family

If you have no Will, the laws of intestacy apply and the courts could decide who and where your assets go.

Who should have a will?

Many people think that they are too young to write a Will, or it is too costly, but the vast majority simply just put it off.

Our Will Writing partner has devised a simple and effective structure so that no matter why you haven't written one now, we can make sure you do not suffer the issues of your inheritance either going to the wrong person, or to the State through the laws of intestacy.

Current law creates the issue that without a Will:

  • If you are not married, your partner may not receive anthing
  • Your spouse/civil partner may not automatically inherit all of your Estate
  • There could be lengthy delays for your beneficiaries and disputes
  • Minor children could be taken into care whilst Guardians are appointed 
  • Previous spouses may be able to make a claim

If you would like more information about making a Will, contact us now to make an initial telephone or face to face appointment.