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Additional Services

We can introduce you to carefully chosen experts who can provide you with professional and cost-effective services in the following fields.

Financial experts 

Secured loans

Sometimes, secured loans are a better way to raise capital on your property. Our third-party providers will assist you and advise in the best course of action as well as securing you the loan. Their whole of market lenders panel enables them to place cases from Prime through to those who have had credit problems.


Commercial Mortgages

We work with third party providers who can assist you with commercial funding, whether you are looking to buy your first commercial premises or looking to re-mortgage to a better rate, our providers have a large panel of commercial lenders who can secure you the best rate.


Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is a short-term funding solution that can provide fast access to funding and which can be used for a number of different circumstances such as, to 'bridge' the finance gap between selling one property and purchasing another, refurbishment, buying dilapidated properties for renovation, buying properties at auction, divorce settlement and inheritance tax management.

Although, bridging finance can often be much quicker to arrange than a normal residential mortgage, it can be a complicated process and each case is written on a bespoke basis according to the requirements of each individual transaction.


Equity Release

Equity release provides a valuable option for people in retirement (over 55) who may want to consolidate debt or to provide additional income. It must however be considered alongside other financial options in the light of individual circumstances. There are two types of equity release:-

Lifetime Mortgage - Unlike conventional mortgages, interest on lifetime mortgages is charged on a potentially increasing sum, so your debt can grow. This is because you may not make repayments, and therefore the interest on the loan can be added to your debt on a continual basis.
Home Reversion – where you sell all or part of your interest in the property for a cash sum but remain living in the property as a life tenant(s).



When you buy or sell a home, you will need an expert solicitor to act on your behalf. We can recommend a number of good local conveyancers who will offer a hands on, friendly and professional service. We can also give you a quote for the services of a number of national firms from our conveyancing panel.


Wills and Estate Planning

Writing a Will is the only legal way to state who you wish your assets to pass to in the event of your death. Writing a Will gives you have the peace of mind in knowing that those you would like to benefit actually do, in accordance with your wishes.  If you don’t write a Will then the laws of intestacy apply and these dictate who inherits your estate. A standard Will is better than no Will at all.


As well as helping with Will Writing our specialist provider can also assist with Estate Planning and provide comprehensive advice in a range of areas such as; complex wills, Inheritance Tax Planning, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trusts.


Utilities Contracts

Through our close association with one of the leading single suppliers for all your utilities we can ensure that you will get not only get simpler and more efficient services for gas, electricity, telecoms, broadband and mobile packages but also the cheapest ones.


If you want to speak to us about secured loans, commercial mortgages, bridging finance, equity release, wills and estate planning or utilities contracts contact us now to make an initial telephone or face to face appointment.